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                                                                      Ava Avione 

AVA AVIONE is a master artist who explores art in many diverse styles from super realism, to abstract, to dimensional expressionism. She paints to explore energy.  Ava was born in the Boston environment in 1942 with the given name of Pamela Jeanne Weston. She has painted for 50+ years prodigiously and created the movement called "Dimensional Expressionism”. Her work has been collected by over 100 major corporations and museums have done more international trade than some countries.  Her work has been collected by heads of state like: The King and Queen of Thailand, Queen of England, King and Queen of Tonga, some of the head families of the United Arab Emirates, Golda Meir, the Vatican. In addition to that, other clients include: Madonna, Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson, Hal Bynum songwriter (you picked a fine time to leave me Lucille) and Lenedra Carroll, (Jewel's mom), etc. She has also designed concepts for major architectural projects worldwide for 26 years Ava has painted in over 80 different countries and opened up her own museums to follow her heart to enrich lives and show the benefits from the effects of painting at a high and vibrant frequency. These benefits include the expansion of horizons spiritually, mentally and emotionally in providing a source of communication for artist/people to be inspired, motivated and deterred from negativity.  Explore the gallery to see some of Ava’s accomplishments and visions in continuing a legacy of expression through visual art. Ava has hundreds of pieces of art small and large.  A lot of her pieces (the paintings on the Ava's Art page) are 4 x 8 feet and have an appraisal value at 1 million dollars per piece and up. 

For serious inquiries and/or more information about Ava, please contact me 

(Warren Richardson) by email:

([email protected]), skype (wazzmatic) or by phone: 

+49-176-6226-1954/+49-211-1636-8578 (Germany).  

You can also contact Ava directly by phone: 

+1-707-877-8009 or +1-415-844-0081- or 

Email:[email protected].

Best Regards,

Warren Richardson

Representative for Ava Avione World Art

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